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Hi there, we are Workhorse Ventures. Each year, we find a couple great technology ideas to grow into sustainable businesses.

We know that it takes more than a great technology idea to build a great company, and a sustainable business model is not so easy to come by. Sustainable companies focus on revenue from day one, they aspire to delight customers, they grow in a controlled way, and they improve economies long term.

We think sustainable companies are a great place to invest our time and money, so that's what we do. Our investments supplement the capital and skill sets which companies already posses. We fill the gaps to get a win for everyone.

Our investments are in the form of partnership agreements. We are not an angel investor group or a venture capital firm. We commit time, money, or both with an operating agreement after spending some time with company founders.


We're happy to talk with just about anyone, but certain types of people and businesses catch our eye. First and foremost, company founders need to have a sales mentality with the ability to promote. The following characteristics also help.


Industry experience - The best ideas and the best founders are rooted in domain expertise. Building the right product is much easier when we can step into the customers' shoes.


Customer access - Lean methods are a big part of what we do, and access to target customers is essential to doing that right. If you can't reach out directly to your buyer, it might be time to rethink the viability of your idea.


Frequency of use - the stickiness of your idea depends heavily on whether people use it on a regular basis. A high frequency of use is a big plus when building something.


SaaS - when you're shooting for sustainability, collecting regular subscription fees from your customers is a great way to get there. We love businesses that can gain traction this way.


We're a small group of experienced professionals that like to grow sustainable technology companies in Phoenix, AZ. 


Hi. I'm Paul Keck, and I manage Workhorse Ventures. Ask Google  about me .

I enjoy creating things, and I've been working with early-stage companies in Phoenix for quite some time. I get involved with business development and team selection for our venture partners. I approach these things with a pragmatic technical background, and a belief that problems can be effectively tackled in many different ways.

I'd love to hear about your idea for a great sustainable company. Get in touch  here .

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